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lly Pistol is an online brand merging streetwear with fashion. We live just as much online as offline, and so do our customers.

We launched in early 2015 and quickly got lots of attention in Social media. Social media plays a very important role in our marketing strategy, and is key for our international growth.

We are growing quickly and out of several hundred applicants we were recently accepted into the Sting Accelerate program together with 7 other very promising internet and tech Start ups.

As our Social Media marketing Ninja you will be responsible for identifying interesting social media influencers on instagram, snapchat, Youtube, blogs, Facebook and other interesting channels, reaching out to them and following up on the collaborations.

You will also be responsible for planning and executing collaborations with already connected influencers and agents.

Further more, you will help create stunning content, engage with our followers and attract new ones, write on point captions.

If you also like being creative, have a talent for taking pictures and photo editing, you will love working with us.

The Social Media Marketing intern will work close with the CEO in central Stockholm.

The internship is unpaid, however we will teach you everything we know about influencer marketing and offer a great opportunity to understand, develop and implement influencer marketing at a growing fashion company, as well as let you be creative and help us improve our social media content and channels. You will have great work to show of, and we promise it will be a super fun experience.

We are a very small team, and if we work well together, chances are good it can lead to a fulltime job.

Regarding working hours and the scope of the internship we are quite flexible and able to match your studies and other projects.

Apply by sending your application to

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Elly Pistol Team