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We love animals at Elly Pistol. We could never dream of making a product out of an innocent little animal.

Infact, when our founder Cecilia was a teenager she bacame a vegetarian at the early age of 13. 

Even if we are a small player in a big fashion world, we think it is important to take our responsibility and practice what we preach. 

Therefore we have sworn to never use anything in our production or in our products that is directly harmful to our animal friends on this earth.

Of course we also care for human rights as well as the environment, and we have a thorough Code Of Conduct that applies to all of ur suppliers. 

But since animals lay especially close to our hearts we want to let anyone interested know about our:



The wellbeing of animals should be considered in all parts of our processing chain.

All materials derived from animals used in production of Elly Pistol products must be from animals that have been treated humanely and according to animal welfare laws and recommendations.


Leather and Fur

Elly Pistol will NEVER use leather, suede or fur in any of our products. Period.


Down and Feather

We have yet today never used any down or feathers in any of our products. 

Elly Pistol AB does not allow feather and down to be picked from birds which are alive. All down and feathers must be carefully washed and sterilised before used in products. Down and feather must come from birds that have been bred for meat production.



We have yet today never used any merino wool in any of our products.

Elly Pistol does not accept mulesing, the surgical procedure carried out on Merino sheep in order to prevent fly strike. Products used in Elly Pistol products shall only contain merino wool which originates from farms that are not practicing mulesing.


Angora Wool

We have yet today never used any angora wool in any of our products.

Angora Wool used in products produced for Elly Pistol shall be cut, shaved or combed from the angora rabbits. The angora wool must not be picked from the rabbits.