Bankruptcy information

On 22 June 2022 the District Court of Stockholm declared the company Ellypistol AB, known for the brand “ELLY PISTOL”, bankrupt. At the same time, the district court appointed the lawyer Niklas Alvestrand Körling at Wistrand law firm as bankruptcy trustee.

Below are answers to frequently asked questions from those who have been customers of Ellypistol AB. 

Complaints and guarantees                   

Regarding complaints about goods that have been purchased from ELLY PISTOL before the outbreak of bankruptcy on 22 June 2022, customers are not entitled to any new goods or to get their money back. Instead, the customer has the right to file a claim for compensation in the bankruptcy (see instructions below under the heading "Filing a claim in the bankruptcy"). A customer's claim for compensation constitutes a non-priority claim in bankruptcy.


With regard to warranty claims, the customer is referred to the conditions stated in any guarantees provided and to contact the manufacturer of the product. The bankruptcy estate does not accept any claims due to provided guarantees.                            

Gift cards and credits                  

Due to the bankruptcy, gift cards can no longer be used as a means of payment. Receivables can also not be used as payment. Claims due to gift cards or credits that have not been used constitute a non-priority claim in bankruptcy that can be reported to the bankruptcy administration (see instructions below under the heading "Filing claims in bankruptcy").

Ordered but not delivered goods                   

Payments made for ordered but not delivered goods will not be refunded. Due to the bankruptcy, deliveries of these goods will not take place. The customer therefore has a non-priority claim in the bankruptcy. Claims due to undelivered goods can be reported by the customer to the bankruptcy administration (see instructions below under the heading“Filing claims in bankruptcy”).                                        

Filing a claim in the bankruptcy                     

Creditors can file their claim by sending it to the to the bankruptcy administration. The claim can be sent by e-mail to Helena von Matern at or by post to the following address.                   

Ellypistol AB i konkurs c/o Wistrand law firm, PO Box 7543, 103 93 Stockholm, Sweden                  

Claim notification must contain:                        

-  The creditor's name, address and contact details

-  amount of the claim                            

-  information about what the claim refers to (eg complaint/return/exchange/gift card/non-delivery / etc)

-  documentation for the claim (eg invoice basis, receipts or similar)

The consumer's claim in bankruptcy constitutes a so-called non-priority claim. If dividends to non-priority creditors are actualized, a Proof of Debt procedure will be carried out. In such case, the customer will receive information from the District Court of Stockholm on how the customer have to act in order to further monitor his claim in bankruptcy. Please note that it can often take about a year before notice can be given as to whether it will be relevant to pay dividends to non-priority creditors.


For further questions, please contact the lawyer Nina Baecklund, or the associate Georgi Gulua,